Road to Married Life (Part 2)

2016 May

  • Pressure Month

    The pressure is on this month. We had to prioritize work and wedding duties. I must say we haven’t accomplished much on this month given that the wedding is just a few months away.


2016 June

  • Buy me a ring. Buy-buy me a ring!”

                We went on a trip to China Town to find our perfect ring for the wedding. After a long day of the search, we went back to the mall and bought a simple rose gold ring.

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  • Pre-marriage barkada getaway

              Have I told you that I have the best friends in the world? If not, well now you know! 🙂 

          From the moment that they learned that I am getting married, they planned a weekend getaway in our friend’s resort in Nueva Vizcaya. They also invited my mom and baby brother to join us celebrate love and friendship. I am truly blessed for having them in my life.

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2016 July

  • Supplier Bookings

           The supplier hunt is on! With just a few weeks more before the wedding, we started to spend our days on completing our suppliers. Thank God for our hardworking Wedding Planner, Eva Events, and our good friends we were able to find the best for our event.

2016 August

  • Search for the prenup venue

               We went on a road trip with our friend Zeus to search a place for our prenup shoot. 

             To cap off our day, we went to Burger Play to relax and have fun while munching their yummy foods.

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2016 September

  • Prenup Shoot!

       Mister and I weren’t really prepared for the shoot. Since our wedding planner and photographer’s schedule won’t meet, we decided to go ahead with the prenup shoot with only a little preparation.

         My sisters went ahead of preparing our props for the wedding since we no longer had the time to buy stuff due to our busy work schedule. Then, my friends volunteered to help us for the shoot since our wedding planner has a prior engagement that they can no longer move.

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2016 October

  • Final Fitting!

              Days before the wedding, my bridesmaid’s finally got the time to fit their gowns. Everyone’s excited since the wedding bells were about to ring real soon.

  • Bachelorette Party!

    The college besties arranged a surprise bachelorette party for me on our “sleepover” party.

               After their surprise dinner setup, we went to a bar in Quezon City. Unfortunately, it was closed since it is a Wednesday night. We went to a restaurant instead and had tequila shots.

             Since it is still early, we roam around the hotel and found a busy bar nearby. If I remember it correctly, the name is Guilly’s. We ordered some food and drinks while we are watching people hitting the dance floor. Since there were some “jeje” dancing on the floor and two men tried to flirt with my friends, we decided to step out of the bar and find a better place to spend the night.

          Thanks to my friends’ thirst to go partying, we ended up in Prive, BGC to accomplish a legit party experience. What a fun night it is!

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  • Search for the dress

    Since Mister-to-be and I agreed that we’ll change outfits after the wedding ceremony, we had to search for my dress for the reception.

               We went to Robinsons Magnolia with my sister and niece, Holly. We did not find the dress that I like so we went to Trinoma instead.

             While I was checking on the gowns in Landmark, a saleslady told me that they have a dress in their collection that might interest me. She pointed me to this dress and asked me to try it out.

             I am so in love with the gown because it fits me perfectly! I spent an hour thinking if I would buy the dress because it’s too expensive. It costs around Php 7,500 if I am not mistaken.

          After much thoughts, I did not buy it because my wedding gown costs only Php 10,000 only and there’s no way that I would spend anything close to that for a second look. In short, we didn’t accomplish anything that day.


  • Surprise Party

       With just seven days before the wedding, Mister’s college barkada invited us to a dinner. They arranged everything and asked one of our friends to meet us up so they can properly execute their plan.

           We were completely clueless that they were preparing a bachelor and bachelorette party for us. According to them, Zara and They were on top of the preparation and reservations. They even conspired with some of Mister’s office friends.

       We had some naughty games and fun talks. We also celebrated Zeus and Jess’s birthday that night. It was truly a happy moment for us. Good friends, they surely are!

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2016 November

  • Goodbye Single Life!

               I had a fever the day before the wedding but that did not stop me from doing last minute wedding chores. After checking in to the hotel, my mother and I went to Trinoma to buy my dress.


My preparation room


Good riddance, I found a cute dress which only costs Php 1,500! Good day it is!

The night before the wedding, I wasn’t able to sleep may be due to sickness but mostly because of excitement.


The journey to married life was an experience to cherish for a lifetime. We were able to prove that we have the best family and friends that will always be there no matter what the situation is.


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