First Ikea Experience

I went to Ikea to find a useful gift for Mister on our first anniversary. Since it is my first time, I honestly didn’t know what to do. I just read the signages and followed the path and flow of people so I can survive. I felt so ignorant! HAHAHA!

In the middle of my journey, I realized that I was in showcase area where the items are displayed based on their category (office furniture, living room, bedroom, etc.). I enjoyed it too much which is why I forgot to take pictures. 

My original plan was just to buy a gift for Mister, but since I enjoyed it too much, I bought some things for our house as well.

Here are the photos I were able to take after I realized that I forgot to document my adventure:

Payment time!


I wasn’t able to research which is why I was not aware that Ikea is a self-service store. While I was there, I learned that I have to take note of the article and aisle numbers of the items that I want to buy from the show area. After which, I have to search for it and get the items by myself from the warehouse.

They are providing a booklet on how to maximize one’s Ikea journey. They also have an order form and pencil so the shopper can conveniently take note of the important details. 

I bought a table for Mister so he can have a decent place to relax. I was supposed to buy a bigger office table but since it wouldn’t fit in the taxi, I decided to get the smaller one. 


Along with the table,  I also bought him a drawer unit so he can put all his stuff.



 Mister’s new favorite spot inside our home. 

I am happy that all my efforts paid off since Mister loved my surprise. He even promised me that we’ll go back and buy stuff for our home. I must say that Ikea is a true haven for wives like me!


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