What a year that was! (Part 1)

Looking back a year ago, I must say that I never imagined that I would be where I am today. Mister and I went back to our usual routine a week after our wedding. Most of our days were dedicated to working since we both had to cope up for the days that we were on leave but things changed since 2017 came.

On January 2017, Mister was assigned to attend training in Japan. Although it was just a week, it felt really different that I don’t have someone to cuddle with at night. I guess married life made me much more clingy than I used to be. Weeks after he came back, he was told that he will be assigned to work in Dubai for not less than a year.

I was quite overwhelmed when he delivered the news to me. A part of me was so happy since I know that it is an answered prayer for him but, another part of me was sad because we had to spend our first year apart. Since I know that is a good move for him, I, without any hesitations, gave my blessings to him on his journey.

So February came and, we celebrated our third month as a married couple at the airport. Sending him off to Dubai was the hardest part since at that time, we were uncertain when we’ll be together again. Mister celebrated his birthday in Dubai. Thank God his father and other relatives are in UAE, he had a family to celebrate his special day with.

A month after, the distance was already taking a toll on me. Because of the time difference and speed of internet, we seldom see each other thru video call. Most of the time, we were just chatting through messenger. There were also times when I can’t help but spend on international calls just so I can hear his voice. Long distance relationship is truly a b****, so salute to everyone who still has their fire of love burning no matter the distance! To cut it short, I decided to quit my job just so we can be together again.

Mister was busy from March to April which is why he had a hard time processing my documents for Dubai. Since I felt that I still wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my career for good, I accepted a consultant position offered by my boss granting that I would leave as soon as my papers are ready. I must say I enjoyed a month of being a consultant sadly, due to the time difference, I begged off when they asked me if I am open to the possibility of continuing my contract regardless if I’ll be staying in Dubai for good or not.

May 2017 quickly arrived. While I was waiting for my papers to be released, I found pleasure in selling merienda in front of our house. I woke up early in the morning so I can go to the market and buy meat and other snacks that I will sell in the afternoon. All of the profits from my mini business where allocated went to my nieces “rewards budget”. My visa was approved in the second week of May. Due to time constraints, I was only able to meet few of my friends before I leave. Just a few days after, I was already at the airport waiting for my flight heading to UAE. My emotions were really mixed up because for one, it is my first time to travel abroad and I am alone. Second, I had to leave my family and friends behind but, all my worries went away as soon as I saw Mister at DXB airport with a huge smile planted on his face.

On June, Mister, I and his office friends visited Atlantis Palm which is one of the best attractions here in Dubai. The place is beautiful and relaxing. We had so much fun exploring their Acquaventures as well. Although June is a happy month for us since we were able to explore some of the tourist spots in Dubai, I was brought to the hospital, for the second time this year. Due to persistent difficulty in breathing, Mister decided to have me checked and ta-dah! I am asthma-positive! Thanks to the advancement of medicine, I was able to buy a portable nebulizer which I carry everywhere, every time!



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