What a year that was! (Part 2)

July 2017

Mister asked me to join him in his Training in Sharjah, one of the Emirates in UAE. We stayed at Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa for free! While Mister was busy on the training, I was exploring the beauty of the resort. We crossed another Emirates on our list that night since we went to Ajman to visit China Mall. There are good cheap finds but, I was just able to buy a shirt for only 20 dirhams. If only we went there earlier, maybe I was able to get the best deals at 5 dirhams! Oh well, there’s always the next time.

On the fourth week of July, we had a simple dinner in a restaurant at The Walk, Jumeirah Beach to celebrate our eight years of togetherness. The food was just okay but nonetheless, Mister and I still had a great time celebrating our milestones.

August 2017

Mister and I decided to rent our own flat for us to process my residence visa. He was too busy with work and had to fly to Jeddah for few days which is why I had to search for a unit on my own.

Right after Mister’s Jeddah trip, I was scheduled to renew my visit visa. I had to fly in and out of Muscat Oman in a day to expedite my document. Anyhow, my journey in renewing my visa is a story that I would share maybe next time.

After I got back from my visa renewal, the house search continued. We were able to find a hotel apartment close to Mister’s office. What’s more is that they allowed us to move in after a week. We would have picked an apartment, but since most of them were unfurnished we decided to rent a hotel apartment instead.

We received a heartbreaking news just days after we moved in. Nicole, Mister’s youngest cousin, died at a very young age. She was just fourteen years old which is why we were really appalled upon learning about her untimely demise. Regardless the risk, we immediately booked a flight to the Philippines so we can see Nicole for the last time.  (All  the travel agents that I talked to discouraged me to fly back to the Philippines because of the high chance of being offloaded should I intend to return to Dubai in the same year).

September 2017

We arrived in the Philippines on September 1, just in time for Nicole’s last night. It was really painful to see inside the coffin, but upon learning what she’d been through, we felt a little peace in our hearts. According to our Aunt, Nicole was diagnosed with Thalassemia at a young age and she fought hard for her life in the past fourteen years. They had kept her condition so that people around her wouldn’t treat her differently and that she would be able to live a normal life. True enough, she had live colorful and meaningful life before our creator called her home.

After she was laid to rest eternally, we had few days left to spend with our family and closest friends. Spending time with them helped me and Mister to ease some of the pain we were enduring. We are truly blessed for having not just a family but also with good friends that stand by us through all of our endeavors.  After our short vacation, I was lucky enough to pass the immigration and was allowed to re-enter Dubai. Calmness is the key to success.

It is also this month when one of our beloved mentors from College passed away.  Tatay Felix and I had only a few moments together but surely, all of those were memorable. He is known for his wisdom which is why Mister and I are really thankful that we were a given a chance to be mentored by a Prof. David Victor Felix.

On a lighter side, I felt really happy when Mister cooked for me for the first time. He told me that from the few months that we were apart, he had to rely on YouTube tutorials since he needed to survive the alone life in Dubai. He cooked chicken poppers and, I must say that he really knows how to impress me.

October 2017

October quickly came in and we were so stressed since my documents were still incomplete and I had to renew my visit visa for the third time, this year. This could have been avoided If only we were guided properly.

Moving on, Mister went to Riyadh together with few of his colleagues and clients in the first week of the month. Before his trip, he gave me advance anniversary gifts. Since we would be away for four days, he made sure I would not be bored while he is away which is why he bought me a countertop convection oven. He knows I love cooking and that I want to try baking, that is why he granted one of my wishes. He also bought me a Samsung S8+ as a replacement for my broken iPhone. Santa Claus in October, why not?

I attended a week-long retreat in St. Mary’s Church while he’s in Riyadh. Basically, It is a special mass in which the retreat master helped us to realize and, repent of our sins and, renew our faith in the Lord. Rev. Fr. Carlo, a well-known priest in the Philippines because of his popular gospel songs which are “The Jubilee Song” and, “Only Selfless Love” to name a few, was assigned to be the retreat master this year. Indeed, this event helped me to strengthen my faith in the Lord.

To cap off our first year as a married couple, we arranged a surprise baby shower for our cousins Ethel and Ervin. The couple clueless not until we showed up at their house and began to design the place for the party. We had so much fun, especially that we saw how much they appreciated our efforts.

Indeed, what a year that was! One year passed by so quickly and it seemed like we rode an emotional roller coaster. Nevertheless, we are thankful for surviving and building a good foundation for our first year. Year two, we are so ready for you!



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