Hot Palayok

Mister and his cousins craved for Filipino dish last week which is why we decided to try the famous Filipino buffet restaurant located in Al Karama.

We were very curious about the place since Mister and his colleagues told us that their foods are affordable and yummy.

The ambiance is way better than the Filipino buffet restaurants near our place. Their space is cozy and clean which is a plus point for me.

I tried almost 75% of their dishes and I was truly satisfied. I ate too much that I forgot we have a fun run scheduled the next day.

My favorite? Their daing na bangus! I also tried their kare-kare which is also good but I just didn’t like the bagoong, because it is too sour for my liking.

Their staff was also warm and attentive. They also checked on us from time to time to make sure that we’re enjoying our dining experience.

For an eat all you can dinner worth 49AED per head, I can say that every dirham spent on this one is truly worth it.

The thing that I just want them to improve is their drinks since it is not included in the buffet fee,  we expected more from it. We weren’t able to finish our pitcher of Red Iced tea because it was too sweet.

My rating for this restaurant is 8 out of 10. I will definitely come back to Hot Palayok and will recommend it to my friends as well.


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