Officially Tired

I was a full-time housewife for a while before I was able to get Mister’s approval for me to work in this foreign land. I can still recall how happy and excited I was when I got the offer, but Mister was quite adamant about my decision. He told me not to rush things because of the cons over the pros of accepting this job. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. My office is located 27.3 kilometers away from home and is approximately Valenzuela to Makati distance. Although the commuter journey is tolerable most of the time, I sometimes have to endure standing for at least 35 to 40 minutes due to the volume of the passengers. After which, I need to either walk for 15 to 20 minutes or wait for the bus for the same time frame;
  2. I had to report for work after our scheduled vacation since I need to undergo training. Even though I am sure that this is a bad idea, I pushed through because I got a little too excited about the fact that I will be back in the corporate world;
  3. Work schedule is six days a week from 9 am to 6 pm. Which means I only have a day off to do household chores and have an actual life;
  4. Sandstorm and Hot weather – I am asthmatic and sensitive when it comes to dust and temperature. Since summer season has just started and given the journey that I need to go through, I am surely putting my health at risk, and;
  5. I was hospitalized just a week after being employed. To be honest, this is a lightbulb moment since I am still dealing with this health issue as of this writing.

I could still go on but, I will make it seem that this is a rant post (TBH, this is a rant post) which is why I am going to stop now and spare you.

Endpoint? I sometimes make hasty decisions without considering the factors that may harm me in the future. In this case, Mister’s constant “I told you so” remark tops the list. It is hard to admit, but yeah, he’s right. HAHAHA!




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  1. ymhej says:

    Because.. nakakabaliw naman talaga maging housewife! And I think naoverwhelm ka lang ng slight by the fact na back to work ka na. Pero baka naman may ibang opportunities madam na mas magiging ok ka. Although adjustment period is always present, check mo padin baka may iba ka pang options. Get well!

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    1. True! Lalo na siguro pag mommy na no? 2 babies to take care! HAHAHA

      Well, feeling ko mali talaga ako ng timing although di pa naman ako nag re-resign. Still trying to weigh kung worth it pa or stop muna. Thank you!

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