Hoard Queen

Mister and I decided that we’ll move to a new accommodation as soon as our existing contract expires. After this decision, we have agreed to start decluttering because we have a lot of things.

While he was looking for some stuff, he came across the cabinet where I store my bags. He was surprised to see that it is already full and jokingly told me “ikaw pala ang may pinaka-maraming gamit!”


I just laughed and promised him that I make time to fix my things and check which one I can already dispose of.

Living up to my promise, I started to collate all the items I possess by category. I started with my bags, shoes, perfumes/body mists, and clothes and here is the result:


These are all my bags from the Philippines (the two bags below — Blue Zalora bag and Kimbell backpack) and the ones which Mister and I bought here in Dubai.



All the shoes that we bought from last year to present. I wasn’t a fan of rubber shoes before but since Mister likes it so much, he always makes sure to buy one for me. Now, I love all my shoes because they are all comfy. 


I love them all! 4 of these are gifts from Mister and the others I bought for myself.  
All my clothes! Left – I brought from the Philippines. Right – We bought here in Dubai. I didn’t realize that I have a lot not until today. I have yet to decide which ones I want to keep but I have already set aside the seldom-used clothes which potentially for disposal. 

I am almost done with consolidating all my stuff so I can finally decide which ones to keep and the should go pile. To be honest, it is hard for me to dispose some of my things but I have to since I promised Mister that I’ll donate some items I am no longer using. I would try to blog the “for keeps and to go” items but for now, I have to start sorting other belongings.  Next up: Makeups, Books, Notebooks, Art Materials and kitchen stuff.


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