Geeks Dubai

Last June 15, I woke up early and saw that the bottom right part of my screen’s broken. My first thought was “Oh, crap! I am in big trouble”. So as early as 6:30 in the morning, Mister’s already giving me a lecture on how to be careful and how not to break my belongings, especially his gifts.


Mister wants it fixed immediately which is why it took me all day to find a Samsung certified store and check the reviews of their services.

The first quotation I got was 1050Aed (Php 15,136.99) from Samsung’s certified store located in Dubai Mall. The technician said that he could get it fixed within 2-3 hours. After which, I checked google again for another service provider and I saw Geeks.

I immediately contacted them asking for their service fee and timeline. Initially, they told me that the cost is 1134Aed (Php 16,347.99) but they will fix it at my preferred location and within 30-45 minutes. Mister was reluctant because the offer seems “too good to be true” so I told the agent that I will think about it. The representative then offered me a discount and will charge me 1080AED (Php 15,575.65) instead. Although the offer is really good, I asked the rep. to give me some time to think so I could do some more research on the quality of their service.

A month after, I messaged them thru Whatsapp around 2pm and I was surprised by how quickly they respond. At 3pm the same day, the technician arrived at our place and started to fix my phone. By around 3:25pm, he was already asking Mister to check up the phone and see if he is satisfied with how it was fixed. Mister was really impressed with how quick and neat the service was.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-16 at 19.31.28

Did I also mention that the transaction was paperless and hassle-free? They did not ask me to sign any form nor gave me tape receipt, all I did was send them the details thru Whatsapp and in return, they sent me an e-receipt thru my email.

Although I do not wish that any of our friends or relatives would have their phone broken, I told them that they could certainly rely on Geeks to do the job for them.

Geeks Dubai deserves nothing less than ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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